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20 Dollars
The 291 Gallery
The Year 1840
The 1913 Armory Show
The 1930s
The 1938 Surrealist Exhibition
The 1960s


Abstract Images
Abstract Portraits
Abstract seeds
Abstract Versus Non-Representational
The Academic Nude
The Acceptable Female Nude
Albrecht Altdorfer
Alternative Religious Art
Ansel Adams
Aerial Perspective
African-American Painting
Annie Albers
Josef Albers
Amateur Artists
Art Ambiguity
American Art I
American Art II
American Fresco Painting
American History Painters
An American in Paris
American Realism
American Renaissance
An American Van Gogh?
Fra Angelico
Animal Drawing
Antique Artform
Richard Anuszkiewicz
Apocoliptic Art
Architecture and Painting
Archival Qualities--Oils Versus Arcrylics
The Arensberg Circle
Affair of the Statues
Jean Arp
Art and Alcohol
Art and Alzheimer's
Art Appreciation for Investors
Art Archaeology
Art for Art's Sake I
Art for Art's Sake II
Barbie Art
Art Brut
The Art of Camouflage
The Art of Canada
The Art Capital of the Western World
An Art Career?
Art Critics
Art Cycles
Art Dealers
Art and Death
Art, Death, and Taxes
Definitions of Art
Easy Art
Art Education
Elephant Art
Art Experts
Art and Fashion
Feeling Art
Folk Art
Art Forgery
Art Genealogy
Art Genes
Hard Art
Art History
Home is Where the Art Is
Hot Button Art
Art as an Investment?
Art "isms"
Art Miscellaney
The Art Market Crash
Art Museums
The Nude in Art
Polish Art
Art and Politics
Art Prints
Public Art
Ready Made Art
Art in the Round
The Art School of Hard Knocks
Art and Science
Art Speculation
Star Wars Art
Art Survey
Tastes in Art
Art Teachers
Art Terms
Art Term Definitions
Art to Go
Art and War
Art Before, During, and After War
Art After War
Art Tug of War
The Art War
Artists' Depression
Combating Artist's Block
The Artist's Dilemma
An Artist's Home
Artist's Statements I
Artist's statements II
An Artist's Swan Song
Artistic Oppression
Artists' Signatures
The Anatomy of an ArtyFact
The Ashcan School
John James Audubon
Milton and Sally Avery


Francis Bacon
Barter Economy
Auguste Bartholdi
The Bauhaus
Bauhaus Diners
Frederic Bazille I
Frederic Bazille II
Bead Art
Jack Beal
Alan Bean
Romare Bearden
Beautiful Faces
Cecilia Beaux
Becoming a Famous Artist
Behind Every Great Man...
Belgium's African Art Museum
The Bellagio Collection
George Bellows
Thomas Hart Benton
Gianlorenzo Bernini
Theresa Bernstein
Albert Bierstadt
The Big Three
George Caleb Bingham
Isabel Bishop
Blind Art
Black Mountain College
William Blake I
William Blake II
Ralph Blakelock
Blank Page Syndrome
Jose Ruiz Blasco
Jose Ruiz Blasco (1-17-10 Update)
Blue-collar Art
Umberto Boccioni
Body Art I
Body Art II
Body and Soul
The Last Bohemians
Steven Bollard I
Steven Bollard II
Boondocks Marketing, I
Boondocks Marketing, II
Hieronymous Bosch
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Sandro Botticelli
Francois Boucher
Eugene Boudin I
Eugene Boudin II
Adolphe-William Bouguereau
Matthew B. Brady
Georges Braque
Jan Breugel
The Bridge
Agnolo Bronzino
Adriaen Brouwer
Peter Bruegel
Constantino Brumidi


Alexandre Cabanel
The Cafe Alcazar
The Cafe Guerbois
Gustave Caillebotte
Alexander Calder
Jacques Callot
Calvinism and the arts
The Camera Obscura
Robert Campin
Caneletto's Venice
Caravaggio I
Caravaggio II
Annibale Carracci
Rasalba Carriera
The Carnegie International
The Carracci School
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Mary Cassatt
Mary Cassat's Studio Prints
James Castle
Catacomb Art
George Catlin
Ceiling Frescos
Celebrity Artists
Paul Cezanne
Cezanne the Gardner
Cezanne and Modernism
Marc Chagall
Chagall's White Crucifixion
Jean-Simeon Chardin
The Chatteau and Beaux Art Styles
Art Institute of Chicago
Child prodigies
The Chinanti Fouondation
Howard Chandler Christy
The Church and the arts
Frederic Edwin Church
Church's Olana
Winston Churchill
Circus Art
The Classical Past
Classic Facial Beauty
Chuck Close
Classical Revival Architecture
Cleaning the Ceiling
Cleveland Museum of Art
Jean Cocteau
The Code Talkers
Thomas Cole
Collage Sculpture
College Decisions
Colonial Architecture
Colored Pencils I
Colored Pencils II
Color field Painting
Color Photos
Communist Art
Community Bridge
The Complex Elements of Design
The Computer Art
Computers and Cars
Conceptual Art I
Conceptual Art II
John Constable
Converting to Museums
John Singleton Copley
Copied Art
Camille Corot I
Camille Corot II
Antonio Corregio
Lorenzo Costa
Gustave Courbet
Courbet's Funeral
Craftsman Style Architecture
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Creative Freedom
Creative People
Creative Sales Tactics
Critics and Connoisseurs
Critiquing Abstract Art
Cuban Art
The Impact of Cubism
e.e. Cummings
What's a Curator
Currier and Ives
John Steuart Curry
Aelbert Cuyp


Dada I
Dada II
Dahesh Museum of Art
Salvadore Dali
Dali's Optical Illusions
Antonello Da Messina
The Dark Ages?
The figure of David
Jacques Louis David
David's Death of Marat
Alexander Jackson Davis
Stuart Davis
Charles-Francois Daubigny I
Charles-Francois Daugigny II
Honore Daumier I
Honore Daumier II
Daumier's Drawings
Death of Abstraction
Death and Art I
Death and Art II
Georgio DeChirico
Edgar Degas
Degas' The Bellelli Family
Degas Mixes it Up
Melchior D'Hondecoeter
Diagnosing Dead Artists
Friedl Dicker-Brandeis
Die Brucke
Digging up Antiquities
Digital predictions
Jim Dine
Dirty Old Men
Discovering Masterpieces
Walt Disney
Diversity in Art
Otto Dix
Elaine De Kooning
Willem De Kooning
Eugene Delacroix
Robert Delaunay
Piero della Francesca
Delft Artists
The De'Medici
Cecil B. Demille
Charles Demuth
Department Store Art Galleries
Andre Derain
Der Blaue Reiter
Juan de Valdes Leal
Does SIZE Matter?
Stevan Dohanos
The Doldrums
Donatello's David
Arthur Dove
Down Time
Drawing Caricatures
Drawing Tips
Dr. Seuss
Jean Dubuffet I
Jean Dubuffet II
Marcel Duchamp
Raoul Dufy I
Raoul Dufy II
Asher B. Durand
Paul Durand-Ruel
Durer, Albrecht
Dutch Art


Thomas Eakins
Early American Painting
Early Art Museums
Early Work Specter
Earning a Living as an Artist
Ecol des Beaux-arts
Effets de Neige
The Eight
Electronic Art
El Grecco
Els Quatre Gats
Encouragement I
Encouragement II
English Female Artists
English Impressionism
The English Landscape
James Ensor
Max Ernst
Erotic Art
M.C. Escher
Walker Evans
Exotic to the Erotics
The Exotic Orient
Expanding Art Museums


A Failure to Communicate
The Familiar Versus the New
My Fantasy Exposition--Hopper and Rockwell
Henri Fantin-Latour
The Fauves
Faux Pas
Lyonel Feininger
Female Artists
Figure Painting
Fin de Siecle
Finishing Strokes
Fire Sculpture
The First Abstract Painting
The First Art Historian
The First Impressionist Exhibition
The First Modern Art Collectors
The First Wildlife Artists
Audrey Flack
Lavinia Fontana
Food and Art
The Fourth Dimension
Fractal Art
Jean-Honore' Fragonard
Helen Frankenthaler
The Franco-Prussian War
The French Academy
French Provincial Architecture
Fresco painting
Lucian Freud
Freudian Art
The Frick
Caspar David Friedrich
From Weirdness to Insanity
R. Buckminster Fuller
Future Housing


Thomas Gainsborough
Isabela Stewart Gardner
Jose Ortega y Gasset
Antoni Gaudi
Gauguin's Addiction
Gauguin and De Haan
Genre Painting
Artemisia Gentileschi
Gentileschi's Judith and Holofernes
Geography and Success
Theodore Gericault I
Theodore Gericault II
German Dada
Gerome and Goupil
Getting Discovered
The Getty Center
The Ghent Altarpiece
Ghent Art
Domenico Ghirlandaio
Gifford's Hunter Mountain Twilight
Luca Giordano
Giotto's Bones
Giotto's Last Judgement
A "New" Giotto
Giotto's St. Francis
Stephen Gjertson
William Glackens
Cornelius Gijsbrechts
Goodwin's Williamsburg
Arshile Gorky
R.C. Gorman
Gothic Revival Architecture
Adolph Gottlieb
Gottlieb's Frozen Sounds No. 1
Government Funding of the Arts
Francisco de Goya
Grandma Moses
Grandma Moses, Impressionist?
The Grand Manner
The Grandest Possible Art
Graffiti Art
The Greatest American Landscape Painter
The Ten Greatest Paintings of the Millennium
The Greatest Work of Art of the Millennium
Other Great Paintings of the Millennium
Horatio Greenough
Jean-Baptiste Greuze
D. W. Griffith
Juan Gris
Group of Eight
Antoine-Jean Gros
Matthias Grunewald
Guerilla Girls
Picasso's Guernica
The Guggenheims
Guggenheim Bilbao
Armand Guillaumin


Hans Haacke
Hadrian's Villa
J.C. Hall, (as in Hallmark)
Frans Hals
Handel's Messiah
Duane Hanson
The Hard Sell
Marsden Hartley
Childe Hassam
Martin Johnson Heade
Hemispheric Dominance
Hemispheric Dominance Test
Carl Herman
David J. Hetland
Edward Hicks
Hierarchy of Art
Hiking Cross-country
Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art
Al Hirschfeld
History Painting I
History Painting II
David Hockney I
David Hockney II
Hockney's Theory
Hockney's Theory Rebuttal
Hockney Was Right
Hockney's Theory (My Slant)
William Hogarth
Hogarth's Legacy
Hans Holbein
Hans Holbein (The Elder)
Holocaust Art I
Holocaust Art II
Winslow Homer
Honorable Mention
Raymond Hood
Edward Hopper
Hopper's Contrasts
Hopper's Nighthawks
Hopper's Watercolors
The Horns of a Dilemma
David L. Hostetler
The House That Twain Built
HTML Part 1
HTML Part 2
HTML Part 3
HTML Part 4
HTML Part 5
The Hudson River School
Richard Morris Hunt
William Holman Hunt
Clementine Hunter


If I Had a Billion Dollars
Illusion Versus Reality
The Image of an Artist
Images of Christ
Impressionism Beyond the Landscape
The Birth of Impressionism
Impressionism Matures
Fading Impressionism
Robert Indiana
The Industrial Revolution
Jean-Auguste Ingres
Ingres--Classical to Romantic
George Innes I
George Innes II
Interior Decorating
An International Culture
International Style of Architecture
Internet Art Sales Demographics
Internet Critiquing
The Invention of Oil Painting
Inventing Artist
Italianate Architecture
Italian Renaissance Architecture


Collecting Japanese Art
Japanese Prints
Alexi Jawlensky
Thomas Jefferson
Jewish Art
Jasper Johns
Eastman Johnson
Phillip Johnson
Henrietta Johnston
Journalistic/Propagandist Painting
Pope Julius II
Juried Art Shows


Frida Kahlo
Louis Kahn
Wolf Kahn
Willem Kalf
Wassily Kandinsky
What Kandinsky Thought
Liu Kang
Hokusai Katsushika
Alex Katz
John Frederick Kensett
Edward Kienholz
Kimbell Museum of Art
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Paul Klee
Heinrich Kley
Gustave Klimt
Oskar Kokoschka
Kathe Kollwitz
Jeff Koon
Lee Krasner
Samuel H. Kress


John La Farge
La Grenouillere
Heroic Landscapes
Landscape Ideology
Travel and Landscape Painting
Edwin Landseer
The Languages of Selling Art
Lascaux's Paintings
Last Judgements
Pieter Lastman
Last Suppers
Benjamin Latrobe
Jachob Lawrence
La Ruche
Le Corbusier
Legalese for Artists
Legendary Painters
Legends of Modern Art
Ferdnand Leger
Jean LeGrann
Wilhelm Leibl
Annie Leibovitz
Leonardo's Disasters
Leonardo's Genius
Leonardo's The Last Supper
Leo's Ladies
Emanuel Leutze
Jack Levine
Judith Leyster
Roy Lichtenstein
Like Mother, Like Son
The Limbourg Brothers
Jacques Lipchitz
Fra Filippo Lippi
Maya Lin
The Little Masters
Living Over the Store
Otto Lohmuller
The Looted Art Problem
Claude Lorrain
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Losing Art
The Lost Genre
Louis XIV
Morris Louis
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
The Louvre
The Louvre Shopping Center
Mad King Ludwig
George Luks
Martin Luther and art
The Luttrell Psalter


The Macchiaioli
Frederick MacMonnies
Carlo Maderno
Kasimir Malevich
The Mad Scientists of Montmartre
Alessandro Magnasco
Rene' Magritte
Male-female subjects
Eduoard Manet
Manet the Bridge
Manet at the Guerbois
Manet, the Sponge
The Thoroughly Modern Manet
The Mannerist Dilemma
Andrea Mantegna
Man Ray
Franz Marc
Brice Marden
John Marin
Marketing and Modernism
Reginald Marsh
The Figure of Mary
Masaccio's The Trinity
Mass MoCA
Henri Matisse
Pierre Matisse
Matisse and Picasso
An Artist Grows Old--Matisse
Matisse's Students
Bill Mauldin
Peter Max
A Medieval Encyclopedia
Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier
Maria Sibylla Merian
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Michelangleo's The Creation of Adam
Michelangelo's David
Michelangelo'sThe Doni Tondo
Michelangelo's Encore
Michelangelo, gay?
Michelangelo's The Last Judgement
Midwestern Art
Pierre Mignard
Military Art
John Everett Millais
Jean-Francois Millet
Minimalism I
Minimalism II
Joan Miro
Mixed Media Baroque
Modern Art Grows Old
The Modern Look
Modern Mansions
A Modern Michelangelo
Modern-Post Modern
Modern Style Architecture
Amedeo Modigliani
Mona's Influence
Piet Mondrian I
Piet Mondrian II
Monet's Encore
Monet's Money Miseries
Monet and Renoir
Monster Art
Andrea Montegna
Henry Moore
Moore's Law
Thomas Moran I
Gustave Moreau
J. Pierpont Morgan
Berthe Morisot I
Berthe Morisot II
Samual F. B. Morse
William Sidney Mount
Moving UP in the World
Edvard Munch
Alfred Munnings
Bartolome Murillo
Elizabeth Murray
The Museum of Biblical Message
Museums of the Future
Musings after a year
Eadweard Muybridge
Mythical Women in Art
Mythology in Art I
Mythology in Art II
Rediscovered Mythology


The Nabis
The Naked and the Nude
The Name Game
Narrative Painting
The National Art Club
National Museum of Women Artists
Native American Art
Nature Run Amok
Alice Neel
Neglected Black Artists
Leroy Neiman
Neo-classical Style
Neo-Eclectic Style Architecture
Neo-Plasticism and Purism
Louise Nevelson
New American Painting
The New Century
Barnett Newman
A New Masterpiece
New York's Art Students' League
The New York School
Art and Isaac Newton
New York, New York
A New Paris
Nice Girls Don't Become Artists
Nightmare Art
Rembrandt's The Night Watch
Nineteenth Century Influences
Emil Nolde
Non-Representational Art
The Northern Renaissance
Nouvelle Cuisine
The Nude Figure in Art
The Nude Figure in Class


Octogon House
Oddball Loners
Georgia O'Keefe
Georgia O'Keefe'sCanyon Suite
Young Georgia O'Keefe
Frederick Law Olmsted
Jose Orozco
The Oscars
Out of the Way Art


Paint Accidents
Paint Technology
The Future of Painting
The Painters Guild
A Painter's Legacy
The Painter' Secular Bible
Painting as Decoration
Painting Flowers
Painting Food
Painting Inventions
Painting with Light
The Painting Machine
Painting Miracles
Painting Music
Painting Mythology
Painting from photos
Painting the Seasons
Painting by the Square Foot
Painting styles
Painting on Terracotta
Painting Then and Now
Painting Vices
Painting with Words
Painting Yourself
Paintings for Sale--CHEAP!
Painting the Weather
Andrea Palladio
Paris, Autumn of 1871
Maxfield Parrish
The Parthenon
Passover Art
The Peale Family
Charles Willson Peale
James Peale
Raphaelle Peale
Rembrandt Peale
Phlip Pearlstein
Pietro Perugino
Personal Slaves
Perspective I
Perspective II
Petit Boulevard Artists
Pietro Perugino
John Frederick Peto
Photographic Influences
Photographing Art
Photographing Children
Pablo Picasso
Art History by Picasso
Picasso's Ballet Foray
Picasso, Just Sign Here
Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
Looking Back on Picasso
Picasso's Periods
Picasso's Play
Picasso Playing in Clay
The Reinvention of Pablo Picasso
Horace Pippen
Pissarro's Birthplace
Camille Pissarro
H. Claude Pissarro
Lelia Pissarro
Ludovic Rodo Pissarro
Orovida Pissarro
Paulemile Pissaro
Pixilated art
En Plein Air
"Plein Air" Impressionism
Point of View
Jackson Pollock
Early Pollock
The Popular Versus the Uncommon
Fairfield Porter
Portrait Backgrounds
Portrait Busts
The Evolution of the Portrait
Portrait Expressions
Full-Length Portraits
Group Portraits
The Intimate Portrait
Is it a Portrait?
Kid Portraits
Portrait Likeness
The Origins of Portraiture
Portrait painting
Portraits for Pennies
Pet Portraits
Portrait Poses
Presidential Portraits
Rulers' Portraits
Self Portraits
Antonio Pollaiuolo
Marjorie Merriweather Post
Post Modern Art
What Post-Modern Art is NOT
Post-Modern Eclecticism
The Postmodern Forest
Post Moderen Traits
Post-Modern Wakeup Call
Paulus Potter
Poussinistes Vs. Rubenistes
The Prado
Prairie Style Architecture
The Praying Hands
Maurice Prendergast
The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
A Pretty Face
The Price of Art Work These Days!
Pricing art Online
Pricing and titling
Print Reproductions
Scott Prior
Private Art Collections
Private Devotional Art
Projected Drawing
Pierre-Paul Prud'hon
Howard Pyle


Queen Anne Architecture
More Quilts
Quitting Your Day Job


RAPHAEL's Madonnas
RAPHAEL's Skrocketing Career
Robert Rauschenberg
Realism I
Realism II
Blatant Realism
Recto and Verso
Odilon Redon
Donald T. Regan
Paula Rego
Rhode Island Art
Ad Reinhardt
Reinventing the Wheel
Religious Art
Religious Solitude
Rembrandt's Ups and Downs
Rembrandt's Women
Birth of the Renaissance
The Causes of the Renaissance
Renaissance Cities--Ferrara
Renaissance Cities--Milan
Renaissance Cities--Rome
Renaissance Cities--Urbino
Renaissance Cities--Venice
Early Renaissance Painting
The Renaissance Man
The Renaissance Rat Race
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
The Resurrection
The Best of the Resurrections
Joshua Reynolds
Richard Rezac
Jose Ribera
H.H. Richardson
Tillman Riemenschneider
Hyacinthe Rigaud
Rikers' Dali
Bridget Riley
John Ringling
Risking Failure
Hubert Robert
Louis Robert
Rock Art
Norman Rockwell
To Rockwell's Embarrassment
Rockwell, Kinkade and Gerome
Rockwell Reevaluation
Auguste Rodin
John Rogers
Roman Painting
Romantic Art
James Rosenquist
Susan Rothenberg-Bruce Nauman
Mark Rothko I
Mark Rothko II
Georges Rouault
Henri Rousseau
Royal Favorites
Peter Paul Rubens
Rubens' Girls
How Much of Rubens is Rubens?
John Ruskin
Russian Art
John Ruthven
Albert Pinkham Ryder


Eliel and Eero Saarinen
Saint Matthew
The Sale of the Century
The Salon des Refuses
San Simeon
Santa Claus
John Singer Sargent
Sargent's Painters
Sargent's Portraits
Sargent's Studio
Saving Art During War
Saying Something as Artists
Scanning paintings
Charles Schulz
Sculptural Media
Scientific Art
Scientific color
Sculpted Water
The Original Sculpture Garden
Sculpture of the Wild West
Secessionist Movements
Seeds of Impressionism
The Three Seeds of Expressionism
George Segal
Self-portraits I
Self-Portraits II
David O. Selznick
Georges Seurat
Seurat's La Grande Jatte
Sexism in the Arts
Sexual Statistics
Ben Shahn (Social Realism)
Charles Sheeler
Cindy Sherman
Everett Shinn
Paul Signac
Simplicity Versus Complexity
David Siqueiros
Alfred Sisley
The Sistine Chapel
The Sistine Ceiling
Skill or Creativity
John Sloan
John Smibert
Soaring Art
Social Realism
Soup Kitchen Portraits
Southwestern Style Architecture
Chaim Soutine
So You Think You Want a Web Site
Spanish Baroque Painting
Spanish Painting
Golub Spero
Sports Painting
Spousal Support for Artists
Spud Art
Stamp Art
Starving artists
Gertrude and Leo Stein
Saul Steinberg
Joseph Stella
Alfred Stieglitz
The Still-life Tradition
Stolen Art
Stopping Time
Hariette Beecher Stowe
Gilbert Stuart
Stuart's Landsdowne Portrait of Washington
Gilbert Stuart and Washington
George Stubbs
The Stylistic Spectrum
The Successful Artist
Louis Sullivan
Thomas Sully
Super Realism
Surprise, Surprise!


The Taj Mahal
Yves Tanguy
Henry Tanner
Mark Tansey
Taos, New Mexico
The Tate Gallery
Teaching Abstract Design
Teaching Art History
Teaching with Crayons
Teaching creativity
Teaching Tips
Thank God for Hollywood
Theater Restoration
Wayne Thiebaud
Things I Didn't Know
Alma Woodsey Thomas
Those Who Can, Do
Giambattista Tiepolo I
Giambattista Tiepolo II
Lewis Comfort Tiffany
Time Flies
TITIAN (Tiziano Vecelli)
Too Much Freedom
Topographical Landscapes
Ten Areas of Art Instruction
Top Ten Artists
Top Ten Excuses When You Screw Up
Top Ten Films of the 2nd Millennium
Top Ten Myths About Artists
Top Ten Questions Asked of Artists
Top Ten Reasons Santa Might Think There's an Artist in the House.
Top Ten Things Artists Will Do to Avoid Painting
Top Ten Ways Computers Have Effected Painters
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec II
Treasures in the Attic
Trite Art
Trompe l'oeil I
Trompe l'oeil II
Garry Trudeau
John Trumbull
The Tudor Style
J.M.W. Turner
Madame Tussaud
TV and the Internet
'Twas the Day AFTER Christmas
Twenty-first Century Influences
Two Portraits
Two Sides


Paolo Uccello
U.N. Art
Un-American Art
Using Art
Utopian Art


The Value of Artwork
Roger van der Weyden
Anthony Van Dyck I
Anthony Van Dyck II
Jan Van Eyck
Van Eyck invents oils
Vincent Van Gogh
Van Gogh's Dr. Gachet
Van Gogh, the Loser
The Van Gogh Phenomenon
The Van Gogh Show
Georgio Vasari
Velazquez's Juan de Pareja
Velvet Painting
Venetian Painting
Domenico Veneziano
Jan Vermeer
Vermeer's Allegory of the Faith
The Literary Vermeer
Vernacular Art
Victorian Female Artists
Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun
VINCENT and Paul
VINCENT's Favorites
VINCENT's Love Life
Virtual Galleries
Virtual reality
Vitruvian Man
Maurice Vlaminck
Vollard and I
Edouard Vuilard


Walking on Air
Wallet Art
Wanted Art
Warhol portraits
Warhol the Social Observer
Warhol's Time Capsules
Washington the Architect
Washington National Gallery of Art
Watercolor Portraits
Carlton Watkins
Antoine Watteau I
Antoine Watteau II
Watts Towers
Max Weber
Orson Welles
What are YOU doing New Year's Eve?
What makes a painting valuable?
James McNeill Whistler
Walt Whitman
The Whitney Biennial
Benjamin West
When is it Finished?
Where is Art Going?
Stanford White
Whitechapel Art Gallery
Who and What we Are
Who is an artist?
Why Does Art Sell?
Why paint?
Why We Paint
Why Sculptors Must Envy Painters
David Wilkie
Will it sell?
Will Wilson
Will Paint for Food
Wind, Rain, and Fire
The Women of England's Royal Academy
Grant Wood's American Gothic
Word Paintings
Words we SHOULD All Know
WW-1 and Dada
WW II and Picasso
WPA Arts Projects
Christopher Wren
Harold Bell Wright
Andrew Wyeth
Jamie Wyeth
N. C. Wyeth



Y2K and Art
You MIGHT be an artist if...
You MIGHT be a Professional Artist if...
Young Picassos I
Young Picassos II
Yuppie Art


Abraham Zapruder
Anders Zorn

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