I suppose every area of human interest has them. Basically they're misconceptions, untruths, false precepts, or outright lies. However, for the most part, they can all be lumped together into what we call "myths." Art and artists are no different. So, with a bow to the inimitable Mr. Letterman, I propose to present to you the "Top Ten Myths About Art and Artists."

10. Having a fine arts degree makes you a great artist. Not necessarily. Having an MBA with a major in marketing certainly does though.

9. Selling lots of paintings makes you a professional. Nope. However, selling them for high prices certainly puts an artist in that category.

8. Artists are all a bunch of crazy loons with no more common sense than a toadstool. False. I know lots of them with far more common sense than toadstools.

7. The best artists always have lots of paint all over them. Not so. Some of them scrub it off. But check out their clothes, that's always a sure sign.

6. All the best artists were once "starving artists." Wrong. Only the skinny ones.

5. Watercolor is the most difficult art medium. No way! I always thought crayons were the hardest. I mean, just look how few professional crayon artists there are working today.

4. All great artists have their work represented in museums. Definitely not. I know one who doesn't. (Don't we all.)

3. Great artists are only appreciated after their deaths. Actually, it can happen anytime after ninety.

2. The more a painting costs, the more valuable it is. Not on you life. Just look on your refrigerator door--priceless art--nice magnets too.

And the number ONE myth about artists: We paint solely for the love of art. Not even close! Mostly it's to get out of doing other jobs around the house!