Once in a while I'm stunned by how much I DON'T know about art. Once in a while I come upon not just one, but a whole slew of terms that leave me scratching my bald head in dismay. Once in a while I have the sworn duty to prop some of these ambiguous idioms before you to see if it's just me, or if we're ALL woefully inadequate when it come to knowing things we SHOULD know. Here's the list, the definitions will come tomorrow. See how many you recognize and how many you have to look up:

1. Aquarelle
2. Arabesque
3. Atlantes
4. Belle Epoque
5. Calotype
6. Caryatid
7. Changli
8. Chinoiserie
9. Constructivism
10. Divisionism
11. Frottage
12. Golden Section
13. Grotesque
14. Inquadratura
15. Japonaiserie
16. Jugendstil
17. Mandala
18. Oleograph
19. Papier colle
20. Pompiers
21. Sanguine
22. Sfumato
23. Sinopia
24. Tachism
25. Vorticism

Some of these may have meanings unrelated to art which may or may NOT give a clue to their meaning in terms of art. Now's the time to drag out your Latin books. A little French, Italian, and German wouldn't hurt either.