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Abstract Versus Non-Representational
Aerial Perspective
African-American Painting
Art and Alcohol
Alternative Religious Art
Art and Alzheimer's
Amateur Artists
Art Ambiguity
Art Brut
Animal Drawing
Apocoliptic Art
Archival Qualities--Oils Versus Arcrylics
Art Appreciation for Investors


Barter Economy
Bead Art
Blind Art
Combating Artist's Block
Body Art I
Body Art II
Steven Bollard "Shades of Brown"
Steven Bollard "Dancing on the Tables"
Blue-collar Art


An Art Career?
Collage Sculpture
College Decisions
Colored Pencils I
Colored Pencils II
The Complex Elements of Design
The Computer Art
Conceptual Art I
Conceptual Art II
Copied Art
Creative Freedom
Creative People
Creative Sales Tactics
Art Critics
Critics and Connoisseurs
Critiquing Abstract Art
Cuban Art


Death and Art I
Death and Art II
Definitions of Art
Department Store Art Galleries
Artists' Depression
Digital predictions
The Artist's Dilemma
The Horns of a Dilemma
Getting Discovered
Diversity in Art
Down Time
Drawing Caricatures
Drawing Tips


Early Work Specter
Earning a Living as an Artist
Easy Art
Art Education
Electronic Art
Elephant Art
Encouragement I
Encouragement II
Erotic Art
Art Experts


Beautiful Faces
A Failure to Communicate
The Familiar Versus the New
Becoming a Famous Artist
Feeling Art
Finishing Strokes
Fire Sculpture
Folk Art
Food and Art
Art Forgery
The Fourth Dimension
Fractal Art


Art Genealogy
Art Genes
Geography and Success
Government Funding of the Arts
Graffiti Art


Hard Art
The Hard Sell
Hemispheric Dominance
Hemispheric Dominance Test
Hierarchy of Art
Hockney's Theory
Hockney's Theory Rebuttal
Hockney Was Right
Hockney's Theory (My Slant)
An Artist's Home
Home is Where the Art Is
Honorable Mention
Hot Button Art


Illusion Versus Reality
The Image of an Artist
An International Culture
Internet Art Sales Demographics
Internet Critiquing
Art as an Investment?
Art "isms"


Juried Art Shows



The Languages of Selling Art


Male-female subjects
The Art Market Crash
Boondocks Marketing, I
Boondocks Marketing, II
Marketing and Modernism
The Modern Look
Modern-Post Modern
Art Museums
The Museum of Biblical Message


The Name Game
The Nude Figure in Class


Out of the Way Art


Paint Accidents
Paint Technology
The Painter' Secular Bible
The Future of Painting
The Painting Machine
Painting from photos
Painting Yourself
Perspective I
Perspective II
Photographing Art
Photographing Children
Pixilated art
Point of View
Art and Politics
Portrait Backgrounds
Group Portraits
Is it a Portrait?
Kid Portraits
Portrait painting
Post Modern Art
What Post-Modern Art is NOT
Post-Modern Eclecticism
The Postmodern Forest
Post Moderen Traits
Post-Modern Wakeup Call
The Price of Art Work These Days!
Pricing art Online
Pricing and titling
Art Prints
Print Reproductions
Private Devotional Art
Projected Drawing
Public Art


More Quilts
Quitting Your Day Job


Ready Made Art
Recto and Verso
Rhode Island Art
Risking Failure
Art in the Round


Saying Something as Artists
Scanning paintings
The Art School of Hard Knocks
Art and Science
Scientific Art
Scientific color
Sculptural Media
Self-portraits I
Self-Portraits II
Sexism in the Arts
Sexual Statistics
Signatures I
Signatures II
Simplicity Versus Complexity
Does SIZE Matter?
Skill or Creativity
Soup Kitchen Portraits
Art Speculation
Spousal Support for Artists
Stamp Art
Starving artists
Artist's Statements I
Artist's statements II
Stopping Time
The Stylistic Spectrum
The Successful Artist
Surprise, Surprise!
Art Survey


Taos, New Mexico
Tastes in Art
Art Teachers
Teaching Abstract Design
Teaching Art History
Teaching with Crayons
Teaching creativity
Teaching Tips
Art Terms
Art Term Definitions
Things I Didn't Know
Those Who Can, Do
Time Flies
Art to Go
Too Much Freedom
Ten Areas of Art Instruction
Top Ten Artists
Top Ten Excuses When You Screw Up
Top Ten Myths About Artists
Top Ten Questions Asked of Artists
Top Ten Things Artists Will Do to Avoid Painting
Top Ten Ways Computers Have Effected Painters
Treasures in the Attic
Trite Art
'Twas the Day AFTER Christmas
Twenty-first Century Influences


Using Art


The Value of Artwork
Velvet Painting
Vernacular Art
Virtual Galleries
Virtual reality


Wallet Art
Watercolor Portraits
So You Think You Want a Web Site
From Weirdness to Insanity
What makes a painting valuable?
Who and What we Are
Who is an artist?
Why Does Art Sell?
Why paint?
Why We Paint
Why Sculptors Must Envy Painters
Will it sell?
Words we SHOULD All Know



You MIGHT be an artist if...
You MIGHT be a Professional Artist if...
Young Picassos I
Young Picassos II
Yuppie Art


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