He's Alive!He's Alive! He's Alive! (30"x 47" acrylic on hardboard) Around Easter time, I wrote an Arty-fact involving outstanding paintings depicting the resurrection. The startling realization was that there weren't all that many of them. I vowed to try and fill that scarcity. This painting is the end result of that effort. The most noticeable feature of the work is what I call it's "break the frame" extrusion of the figure beyond the traditional, rectalinear framework. The concept being, that since the tomb couldn't hold him, what chance has a mere picture frame. The painting is also rare in that it is a narrative type work, something seldom seen in modern painting in that such pictorial storytelling can usually best be done with the mediums of film or television. However here, there is a linear progression from the point where the head of Christ breaks the frame to the Godlike explosion of sunlight, to the crosses of Golgotha, and from there down the trail to the nails and crown of thorns at his feet. From there, the eye moves along the spear to the open tomb, back up via the rounded curve of the stone to the figure once more. The robe, helmet, and sword at the bottom, (not showing very well in this view) are the last remnants of the fleeing Roman guards who appear to have been a bit skittish about resurrections.

Framed in contemporary oak....$950.