Religious Works

from the Jim Lane Collection

Unto us...

Unto us...Having recently explored the area of religious painting, and particularly the life of Christ as seen in the triptych altarpiece below, I took the opportunity to photograph my nephew, his wife, and their newborn son as models for this nativity. Unlike traditional nativity paintings, or those depicting the holy family, I have attempted to move in for a very intimate feeling with the couple and their firstborn. In doing so, I also used the "light of the world" as the single source of illumination for my grouping with the slightly Gothic shape of their covered heads creating a sort of "window" in framing the baby.

20"x30" framed in gold wood........$375.

The Death, Burial, and Resurrection

He died ...and Was Buried He Lives (Click on each image to see each section enlarged.)

These three paintings, are configured in the form of a triptych altarpiece similar to those painted during the Northern Renaissance in Germany. Originally they were made in three panels to fold so that they could be moved by the priest from place to place as he traveled on a circuit amongst small, village churches celebrating Mass. This installation grew out of the resurrection painting on the right (He's Alive!), followed by the suggestion that I do a crucifixion (He Died) to go with it. The central panel (...and Was Buried) was the natural outgrowth of the first two in completing the cycle. The total grouping is 40" tall, and stretches 103" across.

Priced on request.