He DiedHe Died He Died (23"x 40" acrylic on hardboard) Having completed the painting of the resurrection, He's Alive!, someone asked if I was going to do a crucifixion. I had to admit I'd not considered it. But the more I thought about it and the more the image began to take shape in my mind, the more I began to warm to the idea. I visualized another "break the frame" painting but this time even more dramatic that the resurrection. This time I chose a vantage point like that of the thief on the cross next to Christ. I wanted to emphasize the nail-torn hand, leading the eye to the sad, worn look on Christ's face, and then the dramatic impact of the event itself.

Framed in contemporary oak....$950.

The Triptych

This painting, and the resurrection, He's Alive! form the two side panels for a triptych. The center panel depicts the burial of Christ. The three linked panels thus illustrate the death, burial, and resurrection; and are in the form of an altarpiece. The burial scene is a diagonal composition depicting only the body supported by the disembodied, outreaching hands and arms of five apostles. The photography and subsequent computer work integrated five different photos into a single composition as was done on the painting above and the resurrection.