After you order...

After you've sent your photos, either by e-mail attachment or US Mail, after you've selected a Genesis Creations lithoprint or plain paper, after you've selected matting and framing, after you've sent a 50% deposit...

Then what happens?

Usually within 24 hours, your order is processed and work is begun on your portrait. Depending upon the time of year (October, November, and December are quite busy) Jim Lane first sketches out the portrait very lightly within the open space designed into each Genesis Creations lithoprint. This allows for easy changes assuring an accurate likeness before final work begins. Usually the next day, the work is gone over again either in Ebony pencil (for black and white) or high quality Prismacolor pencils (for color renderings). The pose, colors, head angle, clothes, expresssion, hairstyle, and props will be the same as the photos unless changes have been agreed upon earlier. In every case, the artist makes an effort to IMPROVE upon the photo. Often this means softening harsh shadows somewhat, improving eye contact, removing unwanted blemishes, and improving the relationship between the clothes and the all-important face.

Pencil and colored pencil portrait images are usually more attractive when clothing is kept simple and light colored, avoiding complex prints and dark or bright colors. For this reason, the artist often simplifies these elements to maintain the FACE as the center of interest in the portrait. Backgrounds are usually a dull color fading to the white of the paper to create an attractive oval shape to the overall image within the confines of the various lithoprint designs.

Once Mr. Lane has completed work on your portrait, it is NOT finished. It's not finished until YOU see it and YOU say it's finished. If you can't journey to Mr. Lane's home studio, he will mail or e-mail you a digital copy of the portrait. Whether you first see the portrait in person, through the mail, or by e-mail attachment, it is at this time that you either accept the work or suggest areas for improvement. The artist will make every effort to see that you're satisfied, whether this means touching up the image with you looking over his shoulder (the preferred method) or long distance via correspondence. The work must satisfy YOU.

Once you've approved the finished image, the balance of the agreed-upon purchase price is due. Once payment is received, the portrait will be expertly matted and framed at which time you may take it with you, or it will be carefully packed for shipment to your doorstep. Unless otherwise indicated, all work is shipped by UPS and usually arrives within a week. You will be given a UPS tracking number to confirm shipment. You may want to use this number to track shipment of your portrait from the UPS tracking Web site.

Once you receive your portrait, check for damage and contact the carrier if any is noted. All pencil portraits are shipped insured for $100. Painted portraits are NOT shipped but must be picked up in person by the buyer. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with some detail in the image, the portrait may be returned for additional touch-ups at the buyer's expense. This is very rare.