Jim Lane

Jim Lane

the artist

Jim Lane is a noted Southeastern Ohio artist and educator whose knowledge, experience, and instincts bring out the best in every portrait subject he draws or paints. His work can be seen on the walls of hundreds of homes all over the country and in every case those works are among the most cherished possessions of their proud owners.

The artist holds a bachelors degree and a masters degree from Ohio University and for twenty-six years taught art at all levels in a local school district. His work is often seen at local art shows in the area and at various state and national exhibitions as well. He has won many awards over the past quarter century and the praise of buyers and critics alike.

For the past 15 years, Jim Lane has been associated with Genesis Creations in Parkersburg, West Virginia, using the lithoprint portrait foregrounds of the nationally noted artist, Richard Hackett. Trained by Mr. Hackett in the art of pencil portraiture, Mr. Lane uses these subject-matter lithos as the basis of many of his portrait creations. The Genesis Creations lithoprints are available in dozens of subject areas from babies to anniversary and wedding designs, and form the foregrounds for many of the incredibly realistic portraits seen here.

The artist lives some 15 miles west of Marietta, Ohio, near the small town of Vincent. He has successfully operated his portrait business out of his home for more than 20 years. He also offers complete framing services for all his work and will ship portraits all over the U.S.